Vidhayak Cup, Sagar 2017


Badminton : In Girl’s
1)Toshika Kher
2) Aditi Jain
Qualifies for Semi-Final.
In Boy’s
1)Mahesh Patel
2) Karan Rathore
3) Swayam Shrivastav
Qualifies for Quarter Final
Basketball :
1) DMA Basket Ball Boy’s Team Won match against KV No. 2 in the Semi-final,
Moves to Final.
2) DMA Basket Ball Girl’s Team V/s KV No. 1 – Match Draw
Volleyball :
DMA Girl’s Volleyball team got walkover against KV No.1 in the Semi-final.
Final Match : DMA Volleyball Girl’s Team V/s St. Mary Convent School, Sagar.
Foot Ball :
DMA Football Team Won Match Against Shailesh Memorial School, Sagar by 2-0

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