Message from the Chairman’s Desk

Dear All,

In the 21st year of its existence, Deepak Memorial Academy has seen a my rod hues of growth and achievements starting from class rooms and 65 students to more than 100 rooms and close to 3500 students, we certainly have come a long way. We regularly see our visions coming to life with each passing day, students excelling each year in the board and home examinations, setting higher standards for the next batch, better provision of infrastructure for the students in terms of well-equipped labs, Sports equipment, technologically sound class rooms, play ground and many-many other requirements and facilities.

We also provide better working conditions perquisites and welfare arrangements for the staff and have achieved then to a large extent. We still have a long way to perfection but we are getting there.

We have a very hard working; dedicated, devoted, experienced and well qualified staffs who under the guidance of our Principal are making sure that the Vision of School translate into deliverable action like a gardener who constantly tools in a garden to make sure that the blossom is the Prettiest one. Last but not the least, we would like the parents to know that the earning and savings of their lifetime are meaningless if they remain unmindful of their children’s education and career.

And to the children- the real assets of the school we would like to quote the Famous lines..

(Mr. Brij Kumar Jaiswal)

Message from the Principal’s Desk

Dear All,

“Only as high as I reach can I grow,
Only as far as I seek can I go,
Only as deep as i look I see,
Only as much as I dream can I be..”

April 1993 to March 2013 Twenty years of dedicated service before self. Years of inspiring Youngsters to do the dream and be the change, they wish to see in others around them… Twenty years of growing from strength to strength with the promise that “We have miles to go and we will never sleep.”

Latest e-rooms welfare club, Maths Lab, Animation Classes, Classical instruments classes, Dance classes, English Lab, Swimming Classes, Horse Riding are wonderful sources and gifts given by D.M.A. to its lovely son’s and daughter on the successful completion of twentieth¬†year of dedicated service. My Dear youngsters, who are the source of our inspired energies, please make optimum use of these gifts for your personality enhancement…. God Bless!!

(Mrs. Jaiswal)