Definition of Library: Library is a resource centre. Library is a place where you can find all types of books for learning. In

There are two Libraries:

1st – Pre-Nursery to 5th Class
2nd – 6th Class to 12th Class

In main library i.e. 6th to 12th many of books are also available for gaining knowledge and improving oneself.

Subjective collection: Collections of our main library for all subjects book and resource books are available.

Reference Collection: All types of reference collection is also available in the library like –

-Dictionaries – General, Special

(a) General – Lingual, Bilingual, Multilingual

(b) Special – Nature, Science etc.

– Encyclopedia – Science & Technology, Geographical History etc.

– Atlas of all types

– English Literature

– Hindi Literature

– Religion

– Novels

– Fashion Studies

– Dissertation

– Biography

Other Collections:

–G.K. Books more than 1000

– 1000 Art & Craft books

– Number & Rhyme books

– Different Story books

– Wild and Domestic animals books are available

– Digital collection in (CD)

– Sample paper & Last 10 Year Board Question Paper

– News Refresher’s for Teacher’s.


– Magazine of different types

– Newspaper

– Reading facility

– Guidance service

Provides other competitive Exam paper like:

– Olympiad, PSA, FIITJEE etc. Rules for Library users:

– Keep Silence

– Keep Library Neat and Clean

– Don’t use and type of thing which make noise in library.

– Books are issued for students only for a week and for teacher’s 28 days.

After using Library we can say: Library is a place where you find Knowledge and peace.