Holiday homework & Activities for Class 9th.



Social Studies: –    Geography Chapter No.-2 & 3Economics Chapter No.-2

Read the above mention chapters and make pointwise notes separately in your Geography & Economics Copies.

Lab Manuel:-                2 Economics and 1, 2, 3 in Geography.

On the outline map of India show the following on different map.

  1. The highest route of the Himalaya.
  2. The two great rivers that rise beyond the Himalayas.
  3. Five deltas along the Bay of Bengal.
  4. Two west flowing rivers of Deccan Plateau all.
  5. Mountain and hill ranges = the Karaka ran, the Zaskar, the Patkoi Bum, the Jaintio, the Vindhya range, the Aravali and the Cardamon’s hills.
  6. Peaks = K2, Kanchenjunga, Nanga Parvat and the Anai mudi.
  7. Plateau = Chota Nagpur and Malwa.
  8. The Indian desert, western Ghats, Lakshadweep Island.

English Literature:-

  1. Write down the summary, Q/Ans. and exercise of chapter 1 and 2.


  1. Active and Passive Sentence – 10.
  2. Tenses and Types with the example.
  3. Verb and Types with the example.



  1. Biology:- (a)     Complete notes of chapter – 1

[Improvement of food resources]

(b)     Complete self-practice book of chapter – 1

  1. Chemistry:- (a) Prepare notes about chapter no. – 1

[Matter in our Surrounding]

(b)     Write all the answers in the self-practice book of chapter no. – 1

Hindi: –       Do all H. H.W. in grammar copy.

  • milxZ ,oa izR;;%& 20&20 ‘kCn ifjHkk”kk lfgr fy[ksa A
  • i= ys[ku%&

¼d½      Nk=o`fRr iznku djus gsrq fo|ky; ds izkpk;Z ds fy, i= fyf[k, A

¼[k½     uxj&fuxe LokLF; vf/kdkjh ds fy, vius {ks= esa QSyh xanxh dh tkudkjh ds lanHkZ esa i= fyf[k, A

¼x½      ^le; dk egRo* crkrs gq, vius NksVs HkkbZ@cfgu dks i= fyf[k, A

¼?k½    ^cky fnol* dk;Zdze dh tkudkjh nsrs gq, firkth dks i= fyf[k, A

  • fuca/k ys[ku%&

¼d½ dEI;wVj dk egRo               ¼[k½ lks’ky usVofdZax

¼x½ i;kZoj.k laj{k.k           ¼?k½ [ksyksa dk egRo

  • izfrosnu%&

¼d½      fo|ky; eas vk;ksftr okn&fookn izfr;ksfxrk ij izfrosnu fyf[k, A

¼[k½     vius eksgYys esa gq, ^gksyh&feyu* lekjksg ij ,d izfrosnu rS;kj fdft, A

Maths: –      Do all the example of the following chapter and solve one-one question related to each.

Note-          Example (From NCERT Book in H.W. copy)


  1. Polynomials
  2. Heron’s Formula
  3. Surface Area and Volumes
  4. Statistics
  5. Probability


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