Holiday homework & Activities for Class 8th.




  1. Find at least 5 endangered species and write a paragraph on it keeping following points in mind.
  2. Where did they find?
  3. Why are they extinct?
  4. Source and reason for their extinct?
  5. What methods should we take to conserve them?
  6. Workbook:- do chapter 1 & 2 (in book)
  7. Grammar: – Make a presentation on noun using different examples and pictures.


  1. i;kZokph ‘kCn fyf[k, A (15)
  2. foykse ‘kCn fyf[k, A (15)
  3. xzh”e _rq ij fuca/k fyf[k, A
  4. ty leL;k lek/kku ds fy;s uxj&fuxe ds v/;{k dks i= fyf[k;s A(in file)


  1. fo/kk;k% efgek ds dksbZ nks ‘yksd ;kn djds vFkZ lfgr fy[kks ¼ist ua-&6½
  2. i`PN&iwNuk ds yV~ ykdj&y`Vydkj ds iq:”k opu fy[kks ¼ist ua-&20½


  1. Learn table from 1 to 25
  2. Learn square roots and square upto 30.
  3. Learn cube roots and cube up to 30.
  4. Write and learn the properties of chapter -1
  5. Write and learn the laws of exponents from chapter -2


  1. What are the causes and effects of Battle of Plassey & Battle of Buxar (Do in history notebook)
  2. Write 1-1 paragraph on different types of soils, also show different type of soil on the outline map of India (Geo)
  3. Write the summary and new words of chao-1 (Civics)
  4. Do 10 pages of map practices book.


  1. Learn and write the exercise of chap. 1 & 2 & Draw the diagram also of the Chap- 12 & 2 (in H.W. copy)
  2. Complete your CW copy till chapter -2
  3. Lab Activity: – Do experiment No. 1 & 2 in Practical Notebook.

G.K/ M.Sc.:-

Moral Value:-

  1. Make a project file on each page, paste picture of great personalities of the world and India. Write what is common among all these great people (moral pg no. 11)
  2. On some project, file writes an article to aware of the dangers of global warming & write how it can be presented.
  3. Write 20 new good thoughts.


  1. Collect the information about sea animals & paste picture

about them.

Read newspaper daily & make five current affairs on important subjects.

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