Holiday homework & Activities for Class 7th.




  1. Imagine that you have been selected to deliver a speech on the occasion of ‘Teacher’s Day’ think of what you would like to express and write in your Eng. H.W. Portion.
  2. Learn and write 20 synonyms and 20 antonyms and also make the sentence in Gra. H.W. portion.
  3. Have you watched a television program related to dance recently write a short review or your opinion of the program for a local Magazine based on given in M.C.B. Pg.16 in Eng. C.W. Copy.


  1. i;kZ;okph ‘kCn] foykse ‘kCn] vusd ‘kCnkssa ds fy;s ,d ‘kCn] eqgkojs ,oa yksdksfDr;k¡ fy[kks 20&20
  2. d{kk 8 ds Nk=ksa ds lkFk QqVcky [ksyus ds fy;s izk/kkukpk;Z dks i= fy[kks A
  3. fo|ky; ds okf”kZdksRlo fo”k; ij fuca/k ys[ku dhft;s A

¼d½         izLrkouk         ¼[k½ rS;kfj;ka           ¼x½ eq[; vfrfFk         ¼?k½ dk;Zdze izLrqfr

¼M½ eq[; vfrfFk dk lacks/ku (In Grammar Copy)


  1. fo|k dh efgek ls lcaf/kr dksbZ nks ‘yksd fy[kks A
  2. ¼iB~&i<+uk½ ds yV~ydkj] y`Vydkj ds iq:”k] opu ds :i fy[kks (Pg. No. 104 in H.W. postion)


  1. Math’s lab activity To prove that multiplication of integers is commutative (10 pairs)
  2. Solve the hots questions of Pg. 19
  3. Solve the Review Exercise Q. NO 1 to 8 of Pg. no. 18 & 19
  4. Write all the properties in details of addition, subtraction, multiplication & Division [Like closer property Ex.]


  1. Paste the picture of the different type of historical sources (like Coins, inscriptions, monuments, sculptures, painting, books) and write 5-5 lines about them.

Do in history notebook.

  1. Write the different type of rocks and also paste picture do in geography notebook.
  2. Show different types of government like monarchy, democracy, and dictatorship on the outline map of the world.

Do 10 page of map practice book.


  1. Learn and write the exercise and draw the diagram also of chap.- 1 & 2.
  2. Complete your C.W. copy till chap- 2

Activity: – Do Experiment No. 1 & 2 in your practical record.

G.K/ M.Sc.:-

  1. Paste the picture of any 10 great leaders of India and write

4 to 5 lines on each of them (in GK Notebook)

  1. Write 15 to 20 lines about your best friend and paste him

or her photo also.

  1. Write and learn 10 thoughts from your M. Value Book
  2. Write and learn prayer before and after study.

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