Holiday homework & Activities for Class 10th.




  1. Write an article on Right to Education Art and suggest ways implement it.
  2. These days stress has become a part of life. Matronly adults, but children also fall vacation to stress their days. Write an article expressing your views.
  3. Working Women have to multitask to maintain an equilibrium bit been there home and profession. Write an article saluting appreciating search everyday heroes.
  4. The number of tourists going to the hill stations is increasing. Time has led to their commercialization and it’s ill effects. More & more hotels, garbage effects on the life of the locals etc. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily expressing your concern over the situation.
  5. You are Rohit Verma of Class X in DMA, Anand Nagar Makroniya Sagar. Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper expressing your views on the importance of English.
  6. You are Rizwan Ali, Resident of 456, Rajoti Garden, New Delhi. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily. Drawing the attention of the concerned authorities to the deteriorating law & order situation in the city.
  7. Complete the story using the given outline.

Hot summer day desert safari-storm-lost in desert…….

  1. Complete the story in 150-200 words.

It was a hot day, A blind man was crossing the road, suddenly a car came………………

  1. Begin your story with the given line and give a suitable title in 150-200 words.

How foolish I was to have believed that young women.

  1. Complete the following story.

A 15 years old boy was going on a deserted road feeling like a little scared and uneasy.

Hesitatingly, he stepped ahead. Suddenly……




  1. HkfDr dky] jhfrdky] vk/kqfud dky dh lkekU; fo’ks”krk;sa] Hkk”kk vkSj dfo;ksa ds uke fy[kks A
  2. laKk] loZuke] fo’ks”k.k] fdz;k fo’ks”k.k vkSj fdz;k dh ifjHkk”kk] izdkj mnkgj.k lfgr fy[kks A
  3. ys[ku dk;Z &

¼v½ fuca/k ys[ku &   ¼1½ eksckby [krjs dh ?kaVh

¼2½ Hkz”Vkpkj vkSj mlds nq”ifj.kke

¼3½ lPph fe=rk vueksy /ku

¼4½ fo|kFkhZ vkSj vuq’kklu

¼c½ i= ys[ku &           ¼1½ cM+h cfgu dk izos’k ijh{kk esa lQyrk izkIr djus gsrq ‘kqHkdkeuk&i=

                             ¼2½ LokLF; vf/kdkjh dks {ks= esa lQkbZ ds ckjs esa f’kdk;r&i=

¼l½ dkWih ys[ku dk;Z &    f{kfrt] lwj ds in] dfo ifjp;] ‘kCnkFkZ] ikB~;&iqLrd iz’uksRrj A


              Do all the example of the following chapter and solve one-one question related to each example from NCERT book in H.W. Copy

Chapter :

  1. Polynomial
  2. Linear equation in two variable
  3. Introduction of trigonometry
  4. Statistics
  5. Probability



       Geography :-

  1. Chapter -2 Forest and Wildlife
  2. Chapter -3 Water Resources
  3. Chapter -4 Agriculture

Read the chapter and make the notes.


Do lab manual Chapter – 1,2,3& 4 of Geography

Map: bases-  Types of forest, Wildlife Reserves, Major Rivers, Dams

Rice, Wheat, Ice, Coffee, Cotton, Jute producing Area.

Draw or paste Map in Geography copy.

Diagram – Hydro Cycle

Do all work in Geography copy.



  1. Study the chapter management of natural resources. (Bio)
  2. Prepare the notes of the chapter according to your study.
  3. Solve the question of the books.
  4. Study the chapter sources of energy. (Physics)
  5. Make your own notes on basis of your study.
  6. Solve the questions of the books.


Diagrams in Physics

  1. Electricity
  2. AC Motor
  3. DC Generator
  4. Light
  5. Cases of image formation through lens.
  6. Cases of image formation through mirror.
  7. Human eye
  8. Detail diagram of Human eye.


Diagrams from Biology

All the diagrams from 1st Unit that is digestion S/M.

Respiratory system, human Kidney,

Human male Reproductive S/M

Female Reproductive S/m

Flower parts and reproductive S/m


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