Debate Competition Final Result of Class 6th, 7th & 8th

Deepak Memorial Academy

Debate Competition


Class VI

Topic : Home Work Should be Banned or not

In Favour :

1st Position – Rishika Mourya (Pragati House)

2nd Position – Vanshika Koushik (Shakti House)

Against :

1st Position – Vedika Singh (Shakti House)

2nd Position – Aastha Jain (Aman House)


Class VII

Topic : Global Warming

In Favour :

1st Position – Khushboo Singh (Shakti House), Class : 7th A5

2nd Position – Bhoomi Rathore (Pragati House), Class : 7th A1

Against :

1st Position – Pawan Kumaloat (Pragati House) ), Class : 7th A1

2nd Position – Maharishi Sen (Shakti House) ), Class : 7th A4

Class VIII

Use of Internet Bone or Bane ?

In Favour :

1st Position – Sanskar Jain (Deep House), Class : 8th A5

2nd Position – Mohit Ahirwar (Shakti House) , Class : 8th A1

Against :

1st Position – Yash Sisodiya (Deep House), Class : 8th A1

2nd Position – Abhinav Mourya (Shakti House), Class : 8th A1


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