Basant Panchami Celebration | Deepak Memorial School Sagar

Since the Freezing air of winter has turned into Soothing cold breeze, It means the Spring Season popularly known as Vasant or Basant in India Comes, one of the six Indian seasons.


To make this day special, the Deepak Memorial School (DMS) Sagar celebrated Vasant Panchmi today in their school campus at Sagar by Saraswati Pooja. Goddess Saraswati who known as the Goddess of Knowledge, Wisdom and Speech is worshiped in educational institutes and organizations on the day of Vasant Panchami.

DMS-EventBasant-Pooja-in-DMSDMS-Basant-Panchami-PoojaDMS-Sagar-Basant-Pooja-EventBasant-Pooja-Event-in DMS (2)Basant-Pooja-Event-in DMS (3)Basant-Pooja-Event-in DMSDeepak-Memorial-Sagar-School-EventDeepak-Memorial-School-PrayerDeepak-Memorial-School-sagar



DMS-Sagar-School-Event DMS-Vasant-Pooja-Event-Sagar Vasant-Panchami-Pooja-DMS Vasant-Pooja-Event-DMSDMS-Sagar-Basant-PanchamiBasant-Panchami-EventVasant-Pooja-Event-in DMSVasant-Pooja-Event-in DMS (2)Deepak-Memorial-SchoolVasant-Pooja-Prayer-DMS-Sagar

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